Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages

Head of Department – Mrs M. García de Foster

Languages will open doors to you in the future! When learning languages not only are you learning to speak and understand a new language, but you also learn communication skills, team work, flexibility, being outside your comfort zone, perseverance, memory skills; – life-long skills much appreciated by future employers.

At TBGS students learn German or Spanish from Y7 and they all start French or Chinese Mandarin in Y8. They continue with both languages in Y9. The study of one language is compulsory for GCSE but a good number of students opt to carry on with both languages to GCSE.

At KS5 there are many opportunities to continue with languages through the International Baccalaureate. All students taking the IB course study at least one language as part of their IB Diploma and the two-year IB course enables us to offer a range of courses in the following languages.



– Ab initio Level (beginners or false beginners) – GERMAN, FRENCH, SPANISH, CHINESE, JAPANESE

The Modern Languages Department also gives students the opportunity to experience other cultures and languages during the International Week of Languages: Polish, Japanese, Greek, Italian, Swedish, Arabic, Welsh, Swahili, Japanese origami, Portuguese and Catalan.

Y9 also take part in a Languages Day to give them an insight into how far languages can take them and how languages can play an important part in their future careers.

The Department offers a range of trips in which students can put into practice their language skills: exchanges to France, Spain and Germany for KS4 and KS5, trips to Barcelona and Cologne in Y9, and to China for KS4. Sixth Form students also get the opportunity to do one week of Work Experience abroad where they experience using their language skills in the workplace.

We work closely with an international company: Centrax Gas Turbines. Languages are an extremely important part of the company as they have branches in many countries around the world and it is important for their engineers to be able to communicate in other languages. Centrax sponsors our Linguist of the Year Cup, awarded every year to the best GCSE dual linguist.

Continue with your language learning: – you can’t go wrong! No matter which career path you choose in the future, keep your languages going. They will come in very handy one day both for work here in UK and abroad.

Course Overview

Key Sage 3 Chinese

Key Stage 3 French

Key Stage 3 Spanish

Key Stage 3 German