Head of Department – Mrs M. García de Foster

Examination Board: AQA

You’ve done 3 years of Spanish, why carry on?

1. You have to do a language at GCSE. (Although this is a good reason, it shouldn’t be the only reason!)

2. There are 21 countries where they speak Spanish. That’s 21 places to visit where you’ll be able to travel, understand and be understood. That’s a lot of holidays!

3. There are over 400 million native speakers of Spanish, and 60 million who speak it as a second language in the world. If you want to be successful in their commercial environment, you’ll need to speak their language.

4. All these people are interesting, fun, and enjoy a rich cultural heritage which is just waiting for you to explore!

Assessments and Exams

You’ll do vocab tests and other small tests as you go along, obviously. There’ll be more serious tests termly, in order for you and your parents to know how you’re progressing, and mocks at the end of Year 10 & in November of Year 11. The official GCSE examination is divided into 4 skills, each of them is 25% of GCSE.

Speaking: 10-12 minutes

Writing: 1hr 15 minutes

Reading: 50 minutes

Listening: 45 minutes

The GCSE Course

We use the Viva GCSE book. It’s divided into 9 units, covered over the 2 years. You’ll continue doing Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. The four Key Themes are: Leisure, Home & Environment, Work & Education, Lifestyle.

You’ll have lessons similar to those you’ve experienced in Years 7-9, and you’ll be revising vocabulary and grammar you’ve already learned, plus you’ll have more vocabulary to learn, and more complex grammar. If you’re good, we’ll push you so that you’re ready for the transition to Spanish IB in the Sixth Form.

You’ll have different types of homework 4 out of the 5 lessons per fortnight. This will be learning vocabulary, doing reading / listening / grammar tasks on line with the Digital Active Learn or in your exercise book.

The Spanish Department offers a trip to Barcelona at the end of Year 9 during activities week. In Barcelona, we do many exciting activities such as visiting the Nou Camp and the incredible Sagrada Familia.

We also offer a trip to Salamanca where students do a one-week Spanish course in the mornings and exciting activities in the afternoons and evenings. This trip is for Year 10 – 13 students and takes place every other year.

Great opportunities to immerse yourself in the culture and the language!

Extra curricular activities:

Spanish club – As part of your learning, you have other opportunities to practise and learn Spanish outside the classroom.

We run a Spanish club one lunchtime a week, where you can come and play games, do Spanish Karaoke, etc. If you find any aspect of the language difficult, there is an excellent team of Sixth Form students who sit with students to do some one to one work.

Pen-pal project – We offer all students the opportunity to take part in a pen-pal project with our partner school, Colegio Claret, in Don Benito, Badajoz. Great to be in contact with a Spanish student and exchange letters. We also organise Skype sessions with them!

Key Stage 3 Spanish

Key Stage 4 Spanish