Physical Education

Physical Education

Head of Department – Mr B. Passenger


Over the course of year 10 and 11, each boy will have one afternoon of PE per week. Over the course of the year students will be encouraged to follow a Personal Pathway which will build upon the wide range of experiences in year 7, 8 and 9.

It will also give students the opportunity to try new activities or continue with activities participated outside of school.

The course fulfils the requirements of Key Stage 4 and National Curriculum for PE. They are designed to further the boys’ physical skills and fitness, to increase their knowledge of the workings and capabilities of the human body, to improve their understanding of the rules, tactics and techniques of various sports.

Here at TBGS we are aware that there are many other roles other than performer within sport. These pathways give students the opportunity to develop the necessary skills required to undertake one of these roles, such as leadership, coaching or officiating.


Students will have the opportunity to choose two pathways during the course of year 10. Each pathway is split into three smaller units / activities.

The pathways include; Gifted and Talented, Martial Arts, Team Sports, Personal Fitness, Leadership and Volunteering, Racket Sports, Aquatics and Outdoor Education.

It is at this stage when we would advise the boys to specialise through a pathway which they will enjoy and aim to develop these outside of school time and continue with when they leave school to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.


In year 11, students will choose one pathway which is split into 3 smaller units. These pathways are similar to the year 10 pathways, however within each pathway some of the activities are different; it also includes individual sports as a pathway as well.

During Years 10 and 11 the House Competitions will continue to run in a number of sports within curriculum time. This is built into the programme and should not impinge on their learning in any way.

Students will continue to represent the school and many of the activities covered now have extra?curricular provision either within the school programme or can be accessed within the local community.


Examination Board: Edexcel


The course provides an ideal foundation for those wishing to progress to Advanced Level Physical Education, and also providing the opportunity for those with an active interest in sport to further develop their knowledge, understanding and skill in a range of activities whilst performing at a high level.

There is a strong cross-curricular link with science and boys will focus upon anatomy and physiology; factors affecting performance; health, safety and training; and the reasons and opportunities for participation in sport.


The final exam carries a 40% weighting, and the paper includes multiple choice questions, short-answer questions and longer essay-style questions. In terms of coursework, 50% of the students’ overall grade comes from an assessment of practical performance in four sports.

There is also an analysis of performance in one sport which carries a 10% weighting. Pupils will also develop a Personal Exercise Programme (PEP) during the course which is integrated to the assessment procedure.


There will be five lessons a fortnight, three of which will be theory and two practical. Due to the nature of the course there will be some flexibility here as ‘performance analysis’ will take place regularly during practical learning.

The sports hall, astroturfs, fitness suite, fields, local swimming pool and other off-site facilities will provide for the practical sessions and use of video equipment will aid the analytical studies of performance.

A total of four different practical activities must be chosen for assessments, which are selected from at least two of the Physical Education Areas of Activity.

You can be assessed as a performer, leader or official for the activity. (Students will still have their 2 hour ‘games’ afternoon in both years 10 and 11 where there will be time to further develop their skills in specific sports).


Written classwork and homework tasks are set and marked on a weekly basis. These tasks will be geared towards ongoing assessments, with specific progress assessments at regular intervals leading up to the mock exam in December in Year 11.

By this stage the boys should have completed the majority of their practical assessments, but the ongoing Personal Exercise Programme will assist them with their future practical activities.


The links to careers following a study in Physical Education are wide ranging, and an active use of leisure time is encouraged in whatever chosen career path a student follows.

If GCSE leads to a boy choosing Physical Education at Advanced Level, then careers in Leisure and Recreation, Tourism, Sports Psychology, Coaching, Physiotherapy, Youth Work, Outdoor Pursuits, Management, Physical Education Teaching and Sports Science are among those that are available to a successful student.

Key Stage Physical Education