Sixth Form Bulletin

Sixth Form Bulletin

Biology Individual Investigations

You are rapidly running out of time to complete your practical work.  You must complete your practical work no later than 4 pm on Thursday 12th July.  You must return your equipment to Mrs Hawkins no later than 1 pm on Friday 13th July and earlier if at all possible.  Please plan your time accordingly.  Don’t forget – you can work between 4.30 and 6.30 pm on Tuesday 10th July.

EPQ Students

If you’re an EPQ student who hasn’t yet finished, you will be required to be in school during activities week to complete this qualification.

Science IAs

Some of you still have outstanding work for Science IAs.  You should know you are.  If you have even a modicum of doubt on this matter, speak with your teachers.  If you haven’t finished by the end of the week, you’ll be in next week to get everything finished.

Arrangements for Friday

Come to registration and attend periods 1 and 2 as usual.  Period 3 the entire school will be attending the end of term music festival.  When that’s finished, Sixth Form students are welcome to attend the end of year assembly or make their way home.

Activities Week

There have been a few enquiries about how to spend Activities Week.  If you aren’t helping with school-associated activities such as Year 8 Camp and you don’t need to be in for resits, then you should be looking to arrange for work experience, attend open days or complete other educationally enriching activities.  Sitting on the beach doesn’t count.

First Day Back

It may seem like it’s a long way off, but it’s worth mentioning that the first day back for Year 13 students will be Wednesday, 5th September.  Don’t be late.

Ms Wright-Watson’s Tip (AND Tea) of the Week

This week’s tip is more a quotation, and it’s something to bear in mind if you get back work with lots of teacher corrections and comments, which can feel quite disheartening but shouldn’t be. As Malcolm X said: “If you have no critics, you’ll likely have no success.”

And the tea I recommend this week is a soothing camomile. It will complement your relaxation sessions on Wednesday!

Word of the Week



Involving three or more quantities, elements, or individuals.

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Research is currently being conducted into the impact polyadic interactions with adults have on children’s acquisition of speech.

Tutor Resources

NEW(ish) – there are a set of free resources that can be used, if desired, in form time; alternatively, students could be encouraged to download and look for themselves.  Covering a range of topics from EPQ advice to the importance of sleep, they can be found at

A set of resources are available for tutors to use as they see fit.  These presentations are aimed at fostering independence and critical thinking.  They cover a wide range of areas.  Feel free to adapt them as you wish.

K:\Sixth Form\TUTOR TIME MATERIALS\50 Presentations for Post-16 Students