Head of Department – Dr H. Fyfe
Examination Board: AQA (Geography A)

As international links become closer, easier and faster, we need more than ever to understand the geography of the world.

To help protect the environment – both at home and abroad – we need to understand geographical influences and the geographical relationships linking people and their surroundings.

To make the most of our multicultural society we need to understand and appreciate the cultures and backgrounds of people from all over the world.


South Devon Geographical Association

A-Level Overview

Course Overview


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Geography …

  • develops awareness and understanding of the world and the importance of safeguarding the environment;
  • helps students develop a range of transferable skills such as decision?making, research, use of primary and secondary data, analysis and evaluation and report writing;
  • helps develop skills in information technology in a range of challenging contexts, such as giving lively presentations and Geographic Information Systems;
  • keeps students up-to-date with current affairs and global issues;
    involves practical fieldwork investigations in different environments.

This gives you the opportunity to display a wide range of data-collection skills, methods of mapping and display, and analysing data to draw conclusions. We spend a day studying different coastal processes and landforms at Dawlish Warren and students then produce an illustrated report of up to 2000 words on one aspect of this. The Controlled Assessment is written up under supervision at school.


The Royal Geographical Society suggest that there are jobs geographers ‘do’ in many different sectors of the economy rather than adhere to a standardised list of ‘geography jobs’. Geography is seen as a facilitating subject and Geographers work in a wide range of roles spanning: (see here)

  • The environment and sustainability
  • Travel, tourism, leisure and culture
  • Settlement
  • Geographical techniques
  • Physical systems
  • Society
  • The business world
  • Development and global issues

Key Stage 3 Geography

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