Media Studies

Media Studies

Head of Department – Miss N. Moore

Examination Board: OCR

Today we’re surrounded by media everywhere we look. There’s the internet, TV, film, radio, magazines, papers… the list goes on. Not only is Media Studies interesting and relevant, it gives you valuable skills to help understand the world around you. You can apply many of these skills to GCSE English too.

In Media Studies, we cover texts from a wide range of media. From the still provocative documentary of the 9/11 tragedy to up-to-date Television comedy of QI and The Big Bang Theory. This is supported with study of culturally significant examples from the dawn of cinema and the moving image such as the Lumiere Brothers.

Media Studies is creative, challenging and promotes a co-operative approach to study. Students are expected to work effectively within an environment that requires a responsible attitude to using the Media Department’s technical equipment. Housed in its own wing of the refurbished Manor, digital video editing and sound mixing are created using high-spec Macs while having access to all other resources shared jointly with Art.


Course Links

English: Media works well in combination with the core subject of English, with a direct correlation between English Language study of non-fiction texts. Media can give you a head-start with understanding how digital texts such as websites and blogs are presented and designed.

Art: With its emphasis on recording the progress of film and design work, Media could be useful for students taking Art with sketched storyboarding and draft-work a required element of production folders.

Music: There are opportunities to develop your skills in music and sound mixing using GarageBand with previous music students importing their own compositions for use in their film productions.

Structure of the OCR Course

60% Controlled Assessment
Individual Essay – Documentary – 30%

Year 10 – Spring Term

Comparative Essay (1000-1500 words)
Practical Exercise (DVD Cover)
Practical Production Project – 30% Year 11 – Autumn Term

Group work to research, plan, film, edit and evaluate the opening to a new film

Individually produced Advertising Campaign or Magazine Portfolio using original photography and photo manipulation in Post- Production
40% Examination at the end of the 2 year course

Section A – Textual Analysis and Representation of Genre (Studied in Year 10 Summer Term for End of Year Mock Exam)

Analysis of an extract from Action/Adventure film genre
Section B – Media Topic Case Studies of Television Comedy (Studied in Year 11 Spring Term)

Class study of 2-3 Television Comedies on different channels exploring how TV Institutions target a range of audiences