Dartmoor Society and Ten Tors

Dartmoor Society and Ten Tors

Programme of walks and parents’ information letter are attached below. The Dartmoor Society is open to all interested students in Years 9-13 during the Autumn Term and offers familiarisation with Dartmoor’s environment, ecology and recreational opportunities alongside a programme of training in navigation and personal survival.

Ten Tors teams representing TBGS and the National Trust (‘Wild Tribe’) then emerge from a further period of more intensive and focused training from January through to May.

Full details of Ten Tors can be found at www.tentors.org.uk/ including full equipment list (which should be consulted before Christmas if students are interested in continuing training after December!), with some additional updates on the unofficial Ten Tors Facebook Page as well as dissemination of information specific to our training via the TBGS Ten Tors Facebook Page.

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Ten Tors Introductory Letter 2017