Gender Pay Gap Reporting for 2016-17

Gender Pay Gap Reporting for 2016-17

TBGS Gender pay gap calculations
Mean gender pay gap in hourly pay
Percentage difference21.5%
Median gender pay gap in hourly rate
Percentage difference in median44.2%
Percentage of employees who received bonus pay
Employees by pay quartiles
% Males% females
Upper quartile60.3%39.7%
Upple middle quartile48.7%

Lower middle quartile40.3%59.7%
Lower quartile33.3%66.7%
Number of employees within organisation250-499

Gender Pay Gap reporting 2016-17

Information to support published information

Torquay Boys’ Grammar School Trust consists of two secondary schools. The mean pay difference is due to each having a male principal and a higher number of males in the senior leadership teams. There is equal pay within posts but appointments are made to the best person for the role.

The upper middle quartile predominantly represents the teaching roles in school and here the difference can be seen to be negligible.

The median difference is due to the percentage of females in the lower quartiles being significantly higher. Male and females do all roles and have equal pay but the number of females is higher in the support staff roles.