Strong and Faithful

Head of Davys House
Mr D. C. Hore

Davys is well-known for its friendly atmosphere.

Life at TBGS extends beyond the classroom into a plethora of activities that centre upon the House System. Pupils throughout the House participate in sporting and academic challenges; there is undoubtedly, something for everyone.

It goes without saying that participation is encouraged, leading to a strong sense of team spirit within Davys House that has culminated in successes in the House Championship. There is a great feeling of inter-house rivalry and Davys House always rises to the challenge.

Of course, it is important to the pupils and staff of Davys House that success is achieved in the House Championship. The contributions that every student makes will be integral and highly valued. Added to the House Competitions there are many other opportunities, such as the ‘Away Day for Year 7’ and Christmas Bowling Bonanza that have proved very enjoyable in past years.

Davys Today – September 2018