Frobisher House

Head of Frobisher House
Mrs H. L. Jones

‘From positivity comes possibility’ is the Frobisher motto and it is this ethos that we try to instil in all our students.   Frobisher students are encouraged to participate in every aspect of school life.  Our positive and enthusiastic approach makes Frobisher House one of the happiest Houses in the school. 

Students take part in various social and charitable opportunities over the year including a House BBQ and Christmas bowling event.  These events are designed to build a close knit community which in turn helps with team spirit, an essential component for a successful house. This team spirit is further strengthened during the House championship where there are opportunities for all students to shine in the myriad of competitions from sport to spelling bees.

The House is more than just the championship and socials; it’s there to help each student to progress academically with the help of our team of tutors and the Head of House.

A positive approach can open many doors, create opportunities and encourage everyone you come in contact with to follow your positive example: what an amazing effect you could have in the world.