Sixth Form Bulletin

Sixth Form Bulletin

Sutton Trust/ US Applicants Meeting

Anyone applying to the Sutton Trust or directly to American Universities should come to a meeting on Wednesday at 1p.m. in SF2.

Year 13 A-Level Literature Students

Mrs Warde will be holding a Coursework Clinic every Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime throughout January in IT8 at 1p.m. Come along for support as you perfect and finish your essays; don’t forget that the final deadline is the end of January!


You should all have received an email directly from UCAS about registering for the event on 20th March. Only about 10% of you have completed the online registration. Please ensure you do this sooner rather than later, in order for UCAS to send you important information pre-event. See Ms Wright-Watson if you have not received an email invitation from them.

Lifeguard Training and Summer Job Opportunity

Henry Irvine, a former TBGS student is now in charge of the area’s RNLI lifeguarded beaches lifeguards. He has contacted school as the RNLI are now recruiting lifeguards for the 2019 summer season as well as running a Surf Lifeguard training course in the Easter holidays for anyone who would like to apply but has not had training. Training takes place 8th-14th April, cost around £85, in Dawlish and local beaches. If you are interested in applying for the job or doing the training, please see Ms Wright-Watson for more information. Deadline 18th January.

Signing Out for Driving Lessons

Students are not permitted to sign out for driving lessons during free periods between lessons.  The only time it is acceptable to do so is when you have finished for the day and have no more lessons.  Missing Games for driving lessons is also prohibited.

Speaking of 6th Form Games

From Wednesday, Year 12 students should continue to attend Games as normal.  From this point on, attendance will be optional for Year 13s.

Year 11s and the Courtyard Room

This is just a reminder that, from 1p.m. onwards, Year 11s have the use of the Courtyard Room.

Ms Wright-Watson’s Tip of the Week

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions? Any that require ‘willpower’? You’ll be pleased to know that there’s no such thing as willpower. Defined as ‘the ability to resist short-term temptations in order to meet long-term goals’,1  this is actually something dreamed up by the Victorians (amongst others). In an article by Carl Erik Fisher in ‘Against Willpower’ it suggests that you should, instead ‘reframe’ your wishes in such a way as to limit the brain’s dorsolateral prefrontal cortex activity, where the effortful self-control lies. However, it admits that there are so many aspects to willpower – not least that it is a pre-scientific idea and ‘notions of willpower are easily stigmatizing’. Fisher suggests that focusing on the bigger picture, and reframing will help you, rather than punishing yourself. See the whole article here:

And in order to assist you in your endeavours this January, I suggest a Lavender tea.  Said to help soothe and calm, it also has properties which have been helpful in raised blood pressure.  Might be nice to add a few lavender flowers to some boiling water, leave to infuse and take your time to breath in those wonderful scents.  It’ll ease any headaches and tensions as well – an amazing plant.

1American Psychological Association

Mockbridge Question

Can a leopard change its spots?

ToK Talk

Real Life Situation:

“…all this creative power of the mind amounts merely to the ability to combine, transpose, enlarge, or shrink the materials that the senses and experience provide us with.” John Locke.

In the UTTERLY FANTASTIC new film ‘Marry Poppins Returns’, the characters spend part of the film inside a china bowl, meeting (among others) a talking badger and a talking weasel.

 Related Knowledge Question:

Can our imagination conjure up anything that we have not hitherto encountered in our experience?

Word of the Week




Growing dark or characterized by darkness.

After New Year, it can be disheartening to make your way home from work or school under a darkling sky, but the days are actually starting to get longer.

(definition courtesy of

Tutor Resources

A set of resources are available for tutors to use as they see fit.  These presentations are aimed at fostering independence and critical thinking.  They cover a wide range of areas.  Feel free to adapt them as you wish.

K:\Sixth Form\TUTOR TIME MATERIALS\50 Presentations for Post-16 Students