Sixth Form Bulletin

Sixth Form Bulletin

House Captains

Convene in SF2 on Monday at 1p.m.

Oxbridge Interview Prep Meeting

There will be a meeting for all Oxbridge candidates in SF2 at 1p.m. on Wednesday to provide advice and help with preparing for interviews.

Damage to the Paddock Tree Fence

The fence around the tree on the paddock has been damaged repeatedly.  You shouldn’t be approaching the fence for any reason let alone sitting on or crossing over it.

Extended Essay Final Deadline

Anecdote, observation and statistical data all indicate that Y13 IB students are hard at work giving their Extended Essays a final polish.  This is just a friendly reminder that the FINAL DRAFT of all EE’s must be uploaded to Itslearning by 11:59p.m. on Friday, 30 November.

Y12 Assembly

There will be an assembly for all Year 12 students in the Bistro on Friday, 16 November during registration.

Advance Notice – Learn2Live

On Tuesday, 20th November all Year 12 Students will be attending Learn2Live at the Riviera Centre.  Classes will happen as usual during periods 1 and 2, and then we will leave at the end of break.  We will be back at TBGS in plenty of time for people to board their normal busses.


Mr Rob Bethune, consultant surgeon will be delivering a talk entitled “Why Doctors Make Mistakes – Human Error in Healthcare” in the Centenary Hall at 1p.m. on 15/11.  Once again, all year groups are welcome to attend.

NCH Essay Competition

The New College of the Humanities is inviting competition essay entries from students who are currently in their penultimate year of secondary education (Y12 equivalent in the UK).  This prestigious competition “engages across a broad range of humanities and social science topics.”  Participation is a great opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills as well as to show potential universities and employers what sets you apart from other candidates.  To find out more, including the subject specific questions, got to:

Tower Poetry Competition

The 18th Christopher Tower Poetry Competition, the UK’s most valuable prize for young poets, has opened for entries, and this year students between 16-18 years of age are challenged to write a poem on the theme of ‘Underwater’.

Entry is free and there is a total of £5000 in prize-money available including £3000 for first prize.

The closing date for entries is 1 March 2019.
Winners will be announced on 29 March 2019.

To find out more and to register visit:

Ms Wright-Watson’s Tip of the Week

This week’s tip comes from For the Interested, again:

“I read the other day there are three aspects of “well-being”:

  1. Connection with community or friends or family or partners
  2. Freedom (every day you make more decisions for yourself instead of relying or being dependent on the decisions of others)

It doesn’t say “Improve yourself”. It just says “Improvement”.

Because if you improve at anything, you are improving yourself.

And the way you do anything is the way you do everything.”

ToK Talk

Real Life Situation:

With more viewers than both ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’, ‘Blue Planet II’ was the most watched UK television show in 2017 with 14.01 million viewers.  

In the period of time following the documentary series, the UK government has promised to change the laws regarding single-use plastics, and has committed £61.4 million to tackle plastic pollution in the oceans.

Related Knowledge Question:

How responsive is our collective shared knowledge to new pieces of evidence?

SWAT Mockbridge Question

Should journalists need a licence to practice in the same way that doctors do?

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Tutor Resources

A set of resources are available for tutors to use as they see fit.  These presentations are aimed at fostering independence and critical thinking.  They cover a wide range of areas.  Feel free to adapt them as you wish.

K:\Sixth Form\TUTOR TIME MATERIALS\50 Presentations for Post-16 Students