Sixth Form Bulletin

Sixth Form Bulletin

House Captains

Meet at 1p.m. on Monday is SF2.

Interested in Studying in America?

Any Year 12s who are curious about studying at an American university and year 13s currently in the process of applying need to come to a meeting in SF2 at 1p.m. on Wednesday.

Last Day for Y12 Subject Changes

We hope all you Y12 students are settling in nicely.  If you are contemplating a subject change, then you need to be aware that the absolute deadline for making an alteration is 28/9.  After that date there’s no possibility of making any changes to your subjects.

King Lear

Don’t forget that it’s the King Lear cinema trip this Thursday, 27th September. The performance starts at 7pm at the Vue cinema in Paignton, but teachers will be in the bar from 6.15pm if you would like to have a coffee and a chat about the play beforehand. Don’t forget your sweeties…

Supplementary Target Setting

Just a reminder that the first stage of supplementary target setting meetings was due to be completed by 21/09.  All of you who have missed the deadline  need to meet with both your subject teachers and your supervising member of the Sixth Form Team ASAP.

Year 12 IB Zoo Trip

Assuming that the remaining seven of you hand in/email back your consent forms, all Year 12 IB students will be off timetable on Thursday 27/9 for the TOK expedition to the zoo.

This is a reminder that you need a pen and clipboard (preferably), non-school uniform that is weather appropriate for being outdoors for a substantial portion of the day, and either lunch or money to buy lunch in the ‘not especially cheap’ zoo cafe.

You will be gathering after registration, and back before 3:50. If you wish to go home from the zoo directly, then this will need to be prearranged with Dr Dimmock.


On FRIDAY OCTOBER 5TH Year 12’s will have a morning assembly with Dr. Andrew Fisher, current Head of the Philosophy Department at the University of Nottingham. As well as being a current Head of Department, Dr. Fisher has also previously been an undergraduate admissions officer and he is happy to take any and all questions you might have about any general aspect  of university.

That means, in a break from tradition, it would be appropriate for you to come to this assembly ready to thrust yourself into the limelight as the microphone hopefully roves across the hall, adding an extra gravitas to your questions.

Whether you have a question about admissions / personal statements / clubs, societies and wider university life / university teachings styles and hours [perhaps with an arts focus] / general housing options / what happens on day one? / why Philosophy is ACE [as if you need to ask?], please bring questions to what could be a hugely useful Q and A session for those of you unsure of what the future Higher Education landscape might offer or involve.
















Year 13 Target Setting

Between now and 28th September all students in Year 13 will meet with one of their teachers in each of their subjects to complete a Target Setting Form.  This will provide an opportunity to reflect on what’s gone well and how to improve on those things that have been a bit more difficult.  You can also discuss what you need to do to ensure you get the grades you need to pursue your chosen next steps.

Y13 Parents’ Evening

Following the close of Target Setting, the Y13 Parents’ Evening will be held on 3/10.

Pre-Admissions Tests – Last Call

Most Oxbridge applicants, medics, vets, dentists and lawyers will need to sit a preadmissions test as part of their application process.  When you add your choices to UCAS, you will be informed which test you need to sit.  It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you are registered for this test, either through Miss Tucker or externally, by the deadlines which are fast approaching.  TIME IS RUNNING OUT; BOOK YOUR TESTS NOW

New Student and House Captain Lunches

On 5/10 the annual lunch for students new to TBGS will be held followed by the yearly event for House Captains on 10/10.  In both cases, those who fall into either category receive an invitation and further details.

Devon County Council Work Experience

Devon County Council is advertising work experience placements for students 16 years and over.  The placements offered are in 3 areas: Procurement, Public Health, and IT Adoption and Change.  If you’re interested, you’ll need to act fast as these one week placements are scheduled to take place in early/mid October.  If want more details or to apply see Dr Stites.

Ms Wright-Watson’s Tip (and Tea)  of the Week

This week I want you to think about what you do at the weekend. This tip comes from Drake Caeneus at, and suggests that ‘You don’t hate Mondays, you hate not being yourself’. Caeneus argues that the only reason we hate Mondays is that we feel that we are constrained during the week and lack freedom. However, because at the weekend we feel free, we tend to waste this on YouTube, Netflix, TV, etc. and ‘numb ourselves’. Caeneus says that ‘Perhaps we don’t really hate Mondays. What we really hate, maybe, is the nagging sensation that we are not fully present in our own lives. Mondays nudge us to ask: In how much of this life am I truly free?’ Use your freedom when you have it. And maybe make yourself a nice fruit tea and spend time inhaling the lovely aromas! I find orange tea is very uplifting.

SWAT Mockbridge Question

Do ideas have to be right to be valuable?

Word of the Week



1 Each of a series of entrance or exit passages in an ancient Roman amphitheatre or theatre.

2 A place in which, according to popular misconception, the ancient Romans are supposed to have vomited during feasts to make room for more food.

While it is unfortunate that more people believe that a vomitorium was a place set aside for the expulsion of food than rather than the means of entering or leaving a public space, the evolution of the popular or demotic use of the word could suggest that Latin isn’t quite as dead as has long been pronounce.

(definition courtesy of

Tutor Resources

A set of resources are available for tutors to use as they see fit.  These presentations are aimed at fostering independence and critical thinking.  They cover a wide range of areas.  Feel free to adapt them as you wish.

K:\Sixth Form\TUTOR TIME MATERIALS\50 Presentations for Post-16 Students