Sixth Form Bulletin

Sixth Form Bulletin

Cardiff Open Day Trip

The Cardiff University Open Day trip will take place on Wednesday 27/03.  Those of you who have booked a place need to ensure that you arrive at the bus bay no later than 6:45 a.m.  The bus will leave promptly once everyone has been registered and no later than 7.  If you aren’t there by 7, we will not wait for you.  There is no need to wear school uniforms.

TQA Oxbridge Event

The Oxbridge event at TQA is coming up on 1 April.  Anyone who has booked a place for this event needs to come to school in uniform and register as usual.  We’ll leave after registration and be back for lunch as well as periods 4 and 5.

Immunisation Helpers Needed

One volunteer is needed from each House to help with Year 9 immunisations of 2 April.  This is unlikely to involve actually administering any injections.  Sign up using the sheet on the door to the Sixth Form Office.

Mockbridge Question

What determines the value of something?

ToK Talk

Real Life Situation

“Thoreau was a famous American author, naturalist, philosopher and development critic best known for his book “Walden,” in which he reflected upon a period of isolation spent living independently in a cabin beside Walden Pond in Massachusetts. Although Thoreau returned to civilization after his time at Walden, his purpose there was to isolate himself from society to gain a more objective understanding of it.”

Related Knowledge Question:

Is collaboration with others a necessary part of the process of knowledge production?

Ms Wright-Watson’s Tip of the Week

Are you rubbish at estimating the amount of time something will take? This, according to Jessica Greene-Zapier at, is very normal and is called the Planning Fallacy. Instead of forming estimates based on historical evidence (how long things have taken you before) we focus solely on the upcoming task (this essay is similar to the last therefore it’ll take me less time). In Daniel Kahneman’s book Thinking fast and slow, Kahneman says that estimation mistakes are due to 2 things: 1) failing to consider how long things have taken in the past, and 2) assuming you won’t run into any complications that will cause delays. In my experience, students who persistently ask for extensions for work have not organised their time successfully, and this means work builds up, which is usually super stressful. Avoid this happening by being more realistic in your estimations of how long stuff takes. Read Greene-Zapier’s article here:

Word of the Week


VERB [with object]

discontinue a session of (a parliament or other legislative assembly) without dissolving it

(definitions courtesy of

Example sentence: It has been suggested that Theresa May could avoid the obstacle presented by the Speaker’s refusal to allow a third vote on her deal were she to simply prorogue parliament.

Tutor Resources

A set of resources are available for tutors to use as they see fit.  These presentations are aimed at fostering independence and critical thinking.  They cover a wide range of areas.  Feel free to adapt them as you wish.

K:\Sixth Form\TUTOR TIME MATERIALS\50 Presentations for Post-16 Students