Governors Information

Governors Information

The constitution of the Governing Body provides six Trustees as Chairs of the Committees of the Governing Body. There are five community Governors, two elected Parent Governors and two Staff Governors.

‘In accordance with Section 3.1.20 of the Academies Financial Handbook TBGS confirms that no Trustee or Governor has any relevant business or pecuniary interests in the Academy unless stated alongside their name.’


Mr Brian Wills-Pope
Director of Susan’s Flower Shop
Appointed: 01.04.2016

Mr Robert Lidbetter
Appointed: 23.09.2015

Mrs Christine Weston
Appointed: 12.11.2013

Mrs Anne Derbyshire
Retail Sales
Appointed: 26.04.2015

Neil Tampkins
Bank Officer and TBGS Internal Auditor
Appointed: 19.05.2014

Community Governors

Dr MichaelCash
Director of SSG
Appointed: 19.10.2015

Mr Antony Hinds
Appointed: 03.05.2017

Dr Judy Ravenscroft
Executive Manager
Appointed: 23.03.2017

Prof. Nick Talbot
Vice Chancellor at Exeter University
Appointed: 01.09.2016

Mr Christopher Linton
Partner at Wollen Michelmore Solicitors
Appointed: 01.09.2017

Parent Governors

Mr John Bedford
Occassional Business with TBGS as Teacher Driving Trainer
Appointed: 01.09.2015

Staff Governors

Mrs Shelley Godfrey
Teacher of Philosophy and Applied Ethics
Appointed: 01.09.2017

Mr James Hunt
Teacher of English
Appointed: 01.09.2015