Safeguarding Students


Child Protection Policy for Students

What is Child Protection?

We think that your health, safety and welfare are very important

We respect all students and help to protect your rights

We want you to remain safe, at home as well as at school

How will we try to protect you?

We try to provide a safe environment for students to learn in

We help you to recognise risks and how to stay safe

We offer support if you are experiencing difficulties at school or home

Need to talk?

You can talk to any adult in school if you need to, but your Head of House, Mr Lyne-Ley (Designated Safeguarding Lead), or Mrs Walker (Safeguarding Officer) would be a great place to start!

Sometimes students like to contact us confidentially

Text – 01803 501300


If you feel that you are unable to speak to any of the staff at school or you are not at school you can always ring Childline on 0800 1111