Ralegh House

Head of Ralegh House
Mr H. R. Davies

Ralegh House is a family community working together to get the best out of each of its members. This, in turn, brings success to the House as a whole. The House system is at the heart of the School and acts as the primary support system for all students. It enables YOU to feel a part of Torquay Boys` Grammar School from day one and offers a consistent, structured support network throughout your time at the school.

We have very high expectations of everyone in the House and we work together so that all can reach these expectations. Tutors work with the Head of House to support all students in all aspects of their schooling; academic, pastoral, social, extra-curricular. Tutor time is used to keep students up-to-date on what is happening in the busy life of the school and provides an opportunity for the tutor to work with the students and forge positive relationships so that the tutor can act as a primary source of support to their tutees. Fortnightly assemblies run by Mr Davies with the help of students bring the House together and address themes within the PSHE curriculum aswell as celebrating achievements and encouraging students to strive to reach their potential. All of this helps establish the unique atmosphere of Ralegh House.

Everyone has something that they can bring to the House and it is everyone striving to reach their true potential that drives US forwards.