The idea behind CAS is that you learn different things from those which you learn at school in your 6 subjects, and that you develop as a person, learning through doing.  CAS is part of the CORE (along with TOK and the Extended Essay). Although you don’t get a ‘grade’ for CAS, you have to complete it in order to get your Diploma.

You’ll need to complete (roughly) 5-10 ‘experiences’, one (or more) of which needs to be a project – a sustained experience, over time, together with 2 or more other people.  You should have a mixture – creative pursuits, things which involve activity, and those which involve service to others.

You’ll be supported by your tutor and the CAS Coordinator, who will give you ideas, and help you along your learning journey.  CAS is the fun part of the IB. You get to choose what you do, and choose what you learn!

Check this page for news about volunteering opportunities.

Volunteering Opportunities:

Mr Krasnopolski is asking for help with the Torbay Community Larder. Please see him for more information

We need helpers on 12th-14th October to help with the Torbay Art Exhibition in school. Please see Mr Bainbridge, Ms Wright-Watson or Mr Reshad about helping out in one of the sessions.